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How to Assign a Static IP Address in 8, 7 and Vista

Click start/all programs accessories then run and type: CMD

When the command windows opens type: ipconfig /all

The following settings will appear (these settings you will require later):

ipconfig /all

Now click start/control panel/Network and Internet/Network and Sharing Center/ and then change adapter settings

Now you will see your network connections, right click on the one that is connected and select properties. (Wireless connection in example below)

check network

Now you will see from the ipconfig menu you will see "IPv4 address" or "IPv6 address". select the appropriate setting from the properties menu (either Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv6) or Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6))

Now fill in the settings:

Select "Use the following IP address":

IP address is same as IPv4 or IPv6 address in IPConfig.

Subnet mask the same as subnet mask address in IPConfig

Default gateway is the same as default gateway address in IPConfig

Select "Use the following DNS server addresses":

Preferred DNS should be


Finally click on "Validate settings upon exit".

Click OK then OK again to save and exit. Network will the be set.

If network doesn't work run network troubleshooter, or reverse the above steps to get back to square one.

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